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Product description

Coenzyme Q10: A small molecule fat-soluble quinone compound widely present in animal and plant cells. Its structure is similar to that of vitamin K. It is a strong antioxidant when used alone or in combination with vitamin E.

Coenzyme Q10 is present in every cell of the human body. Its main role is to drive human cells to produce energy. It can accelerate cell renewal and stimulate cell activity, thereby greatly promoting the ability of cells to absorb nutrients.

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CAS NO.: 303-98-0 

EINECS NO.:206-147-9

Chemical formula: C59H90O4

Molecular weight: 863.36

Sensory: odorless and tasteless

Melting point: 48-52°C

Detection method: HPLC

Solubility (water): insoluble

Annual output: 600-700 tons/year

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1. It can reduce the weakening of myocardial contractility during acute ischemia, and it has a certain protective effect on the myocardial ischemia.

2. Increase cardiac output and reduce peripheral resistance, which is conducive to anti-heart failure treatment.


It is used for adjuvant treatment of congestive heart failure, arrhythmia, sinus tachycardia, premature heartbeat, and hypertension.;

It is used for the comprehensive treatment of acute and chronic viral hepatitis and subacute liver necrosis.

It has the ability to improve human immunity, enhance antioxidant, delay aging and enhance human vitality.

It is widely used in pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food additives and other industries.

Chemical properties :

Yellow or orange-yellow crystalline powder; odorless and odorless; easy to decompose in light